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Fly shops, guides and fly fishing business interests: Promote fly fishing in Florida!

Promote fly fishing in Florida!

Shops, guides and companies with an interest in promoting fly fishing in the Sunshine State, send us articles to publish about what we have here, what you offer to the fly [or wants to be] fishing public. Articles get publicized in FB, LinkedIn and Twitter! Questions & Articles:

Slamming in the Glades

Capt Jason Sullivan

Nice catch representative of ones found in south Florida.

The fishing in Flamingo has become increasingly better over the past few years since the 2010 freeze. Even though we had a massive fish kill almost 3 years ago, the snook and baby tarpon have responded better than most anglers thought they would, including me. The redfishing down in the park since the freeze has been as good as I’ve ever experienced. It seems like every new area I explore these days, there’s hungry redfish waiting.

Florida Everglades Report

Florida Fly Fishing is as much about the appeal of the outdoors as it the pursuit.

Best of Both Worlds
Capt. Jason Sullivan  

Fishing out of Flamingo down in Everglades National Park gives most anglers a decision to make on each trip- whether they should fish WhitewaterBay (Inside) or Florida Bay (Out front). As you drive through the park entrance, any stress or worries you may have seem to vanish away thinking about what adventures lie ahead. This time of year, it doesn’t matter which direction you choose, there should be some hungry fish waiting…


On being an interloper
Ed Maurer

Florida redhead on the beach

“More than half the intense enjoyment of fly-fishing is derived from the beautiful surroundings, the satisfaction felt from being in the open air, the new lease of life secured thereby, and the many, many pleasant recollections of all one has seen, heard and done.” – Charles F. Orvis

We all have those moments…some last longer than others…that bring a smile to our faces when we look back upon them. This is one.

Fly fishermen have a standard of conduct of their very own. When approaching one another on a stream, two anglers will try to avoid crowding each other. If the area appeals to both, one will usually wait his turn and the other will avoid dallying in the spot. He will fish it, but not turn it into a drawn-out affair, thus giving the waiting angler a chance to fish it in short order.

But there are times the standards of conduct are violated. This is not taken lightly: the normally courteous angler will only transgress in the most unusual of circumstances. A case in point:

Catch and Release

Responsible catch and release fishing is effective conservation
Aaron Adams F3M Vol 3. No. 5

If you want a picture of the fish, or need to weigh it for a tournament, it is best to support the fish’s body from underneath, near the head and the anal fin.

Catch and release fishing is the standard for many fisheries. In Florida, for example, it is estimated that approximately half of all fish caught by recreational anglers are released. However, only responsible catch and release fishing is effective conservation. Catch and release can be an effective and valuable tool in fisheries conservation, but it is essential to practice responsible fishing and fish handling techniques for catch and release to be effective.

Here are a few tips that should help increase the survival of your released fish. Hopefully, many anglers are already using these techniques.