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New: Bruce Chard Super-DRI Tropical Punch

From our friends at Rajeff Sports:

“We’re very pleased to announce two new additions to the 2015 Airflo Design Team. With fresh ideas, unique insight, and unparalleled experience, Bruce and Kelly have made an immeasurable impact on the 2015 product lineup.

bruce chard

Bruce Chard with a great permit

“There’s nobody quite like Bruce. If you’ve had the pleasure of spending time with this dude, I bet you’d agree. He’s passionate about what he does, and truly loves this sport.

“We feel extremely fortunate to have Bruce’s experience to draw from. 23 years of full-time bonefish, permit, and tarpon guiding will teach you a little something about saltwater fly fishing, and certainly a thing (or two) about the gear you need to make the day productive. Clear water, searing sun, and walloping wind makes enticing these tropical titans “challenging” to say the least. When it comes to flats fishing, tossing the right line can make all the difference.

Top Places to Fish in Florida

Everglades National Park

Capt. Jason Sullivan and client fishing out of Flamingo

This is a fascinating place to fish, not only is it a great place to hook the big one in both fresh and salt water but it is also a national park that your whole family can enjoy. There is wildlife everywhere, watch out for alligators! They sunbathe right on the road. The Everglades consist of a marsh-like environment as well as the well known “ten thousand islands” in the saltwater off Florida’s coast that one can kayak amidst. These islands are a maze of mangroves that you can boat in between and try to catch some fish. Shore-fishing in this park is not as prevalent as boat fishing. You can go fishing on a variety of different boats like a kayak, an airboat, or a motorboat. You can catch snapper, sea trout, bass and more, but remember it is against the law to remove things like coral and shells from the park.

Fly Fishing at the Rolling Hills Casino

A strange mix of fishing and casino games.
Florida Fly Fishing Magazine is dedicated to bringing you closer to the best fly fishing spots in all of Florida, but should you find yourself traveling outside of the state and to the other side of the country and get a hankering for some great fly fishing, you may want to try the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, California.

Sunglasses from Flying Fisherman

A Florida Keys based company, I still have a pair of Flying Fisherman sunglasses after a decade. Great quality and affordable they’re hard to beat at any price. 

We’ll be reviewing the Cali Bifocals after a few freshwater fly fishing trips this year to test out their use in the shallow “sweetwater” and how well they help us tie on size 16 nymphs!

Cali Bifocal (Our current favorites)

Cali Bifocal (Our current favorites)

Morocco Matte Black Amber

Morocco Matte Black Amber

Falcon Bifocal

Falcon Bifocal

Nassau Bifocal

Nassau Bifocal

Flying Fisherman 7382CAG_Morocco_Crystal_GreenMirror

Morocco Crystal GreenMirror

Material Bobbin Bottle makes using chenille, etc easier

By Ken Roy

Editor’s Note: It’s good to see innovative solutions to every day problems we face in fly fishing. An Earth shaking solution? No. End World hunger? Nuh uh. Make it a little easier to deal with that cable of crap we need to wrap on a hook? Well, yeah…and that’s enough. For now.