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Norm’s Crystal Schminnow (Grande!)

A larger, yummier version of Norm Zeigler’s popular Schminnow

A few years ago I had a chance to visit Norm Zeigler at his Sanibel Island fly shop and by coincidence, Stuart Patterson also wrote an article for us about tying this very effective fly. I’ve been using it tied larger and have found it makes enough noise to attract fish on the flats while blind casting. So far, I’ve taken at least five species on it and expect to take even more.

A beefier, noisier Schminnow version that probably passes for whitebait.

A beefier, noisier Schminnow version that probably passes for whitebait.

My “Grande” version is tied on a size 1, long shank hook using pink thread (emulates blood supply), lead eyes tied to make the point ride up, untrimmed white marabou (the original is trimmed) and white crystal chenille wrapped in three layers to really bulk up the body (wasteful as hell, I’m afraid), and a V-shaped guard of 30# mono.

Stuart’s original article follows. The original fly is great for sight fishing, so don’t discount its effectiveness!

Ed Maurer, Publisher


On being an interloper
Ed Maurer

Florida redhead on the beach

“More than half the intense enjoyment of fly-fishing is derived from the beautiful surroundings, the satisfaction felt from being in the open air, the new lease of life secured thereby, and the many, many pleasant recollections of all one has seen, heard and done.” – Charles F. Orvis

We all have those moments…some last longer than others…that bring a smile to our faces when we look back upon them. This is one.

Fly fishermen have a standard of conduct of their very own. When approaching one another on a stream, two anglers will try to avoid crowding each other. If the area appeals to both, one will usually wait his turn and the other will avoid dallying in the spot. He will fish it, but not turn it into a drawn-out affair, thus giving the waiting angler a chance to fish it in short order.

But there are times the standards of conduct are violated. This is not taken lightly: the normally courteous angler will only transgress in the most unusual of circumstances. A case in point:

Vol 3, No. 7

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High Temps = Low O2

High Temps = Low O2

Warm water contains less oxygen than cold. When fighting a fish in warm water keep the fight as short as possible to avoid over-exhausting the fish. Under those conditions fish also need to be revived longer. Consider using heavier tackle to keep the fight short.

Read more about proper fish handling and catch and release in a special section of Vol, 3. No. 5 of Florida Fly Fishing magazine.

Fishing the Heat

Hot weather doesn’t mean you can’t fish, it just means you need to adjust.
Ed Maurer

When hot, humid weather lays on us like the ubiquitous wet blanket many anglers want to hide out in the A/C and wait for fall. Some even appreciate being stuck in their climate controlled offices this time of year if only to excuse themselves from being on the water.