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Catch and Release

Responsible catch and release fishing is effective conservation
Aaron Adams F3M Vol 3. No. 5

If you want a picture of the fish, or need to weigh it for a tournament, it is best to support the fish’s body from underneath, near the head and the anal fin.

Catch and release fishing is the standard for many fisheries. In Florida, for example, it is estimated that approximately half of all fish caught by recreational anglers are released. However, only responsible catch and release fishing is effective conservation. Catch and release can be an effective and valuable tool in fisheries conservation, but it is essential to practice responsible fishing and fish handling techniques for catch and release to be effective.

Here are a few tips that should help increase the survival of your released fish. Hopefully, many anglers are already using these techniques.

It’s a Jaw – Not a Handle

It’s a Jaw - Not a Handle

Don’t lift a large fish by the lower jaw. Since their connective tissue isn’t designed to hold their weight, lifting large fish by the jaw may tear muscles that they use for eating, and make it difficult for them to eat after being released. Dr. Aaron Adams from his article, “Catch and Release” in Vol 3, No. 5 of Florida Fly Fishing.

High Temps = Low O2

High Temps = Low O2

Warm water contains less oxygen than cold. When fighting a fish in warm water keep the fight as short as possible to avoid over-exhausting the fish. Under those conditions fish also need to be revived longer. Consider using heavier tackle to keep the fight short.

Read more about proper fish handling and catch and release in a special section of Vol, 3. No. 5 of Florida Fly Fishing magazine.

Fishing the Heat

Hot weather doesn’t mean you can’t fish, it just means you need to adjust.
Ed Maurer

When hot, humid weather lays on us like the ubiquitous wet blanket many anglers want to hide out in the A/C and wait for fall. Some even appreciate being stuck in their climate controlled offices this time of year if only to excuse themselves from being on the water.


Grants Support Company’s BlueFuture® Initiative To Help Create a Sustainable Future for our Planet

WATSONVILLE, Calif. (June 8, 2012) – In honor of World Oceans Day, West Marine, the largest specialty retailer of boating supplies and accessories, today announced the recipients of their annual Marine Conservation Grants program.  Grants for a total amount of $35,000 are being awarded to organizations throughout the U.S. who are working to “improve and protect marine habitat,” which is part of West Marine’s mission.  This year’s grant recipients are located in Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Hawaii, California and Virginia.