Florida is the Fly Fishing Capital of the World

Regardless of where you live or fish, you know about Florida. Not only do we hold the title as the Vacation Capital, but I’m not hesitant to declare that Florida is the Fly Fishing Capital of the World, too!
Look at what Florida has to offer:

    • Year-round fishing covering a vast variety of environments ranging from coastal sloughs in the Panhandle that support big redfish to world-record size largemouth bass fishing almost anywhere there’s freshwater to the renown trout angling in St. Joseph Sound to tarpon, bonefish and permit fishing in the Florida Keys, not to mention every piece of water in between.
    • Florida has world-class accommodations for anglers and their families with non-angling entertainment for all. But, for the angler who’s an adventurer at heart, we also have lands and waters equal to the wildest places on Earth, replete with indescribable wildlife.
    • Florida is safe and welcoming–we speak your language, understand your needs and you can rest assured you won’t get caught up in a revolution or coup that will ruin your fishing trip.
    • Florida has the best fly fishing guides with the best tackle and boats on the planet.

Now, you may suspect I’m biased, and I am. Florida is my home for one good reason: It IS the best place on the planet for an angler to live and fish, bar none. Come see for yourself and you’ll be hooked.

Tight loops!
   Ed Maurer

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