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Material Bobbin Bottle makes using chenille, etc easier

By Ken Roy

Editor’s Note: It’s good to see innovative solutions to every day problems we face in fly fishing. An Earth shaking solution? No. End World hunger? Nuh uh. Make it a little easier to deal with that cable of crap we need to wrap on a hook? Well, yeah…and that’s enough. For now.

Tarpon, bonefish become catch-and-release only beginning Sept. 1

Two premier recreational fisheries will soon have new protections in place, a measure aimed at ensuring that tarpon and bonefish’s economic and fishing value remain for generations to come. Tarpon and bonefish become catch-and-release only fisheries beginning Sept. 1.

Fly shops, guides and fly fishing business interests: Promote fly fishing in Florida!

Promote fly fishing in Florida!

Shops, guides and companies with an interest in promoting fly fishing in the Sunshine State, send us articles to publish about what we have here, what you offer to the fly [or wants to be] fishing public. Articles get publicized in FB, LinkedIn and Twitter! Questions & Articles:

Mayan Cichlid

A happy discovery in Tampa Bay area waters: Atomic Sunfish! 

Mayan Cichlid

Mayan Cichlid

When long time friend, Jeff Harrell, proprietor of Safety Harbor’s Bar Fly fly fishing-themed bar and its adjacent seafood grill, told me about catching Mayan Cichlids nearby, I was surprised. Cichlids are known to be found all over south Florida but I never expected them as far north as the Tampa Bay area where waters do get very chill during our colder winters. Yet, here they are and thankfully they are active and aggressive even during the hottest days when even bass are laid up on the bottom.


Tying Capt Rick Grassett’s Flats Minnow
By Robert Craig; Photos by Tommy Thompson

Grassetts Flats Minnow

A handful of killer minnows